Welcome to The Reunion Committee, Inc.

"Your Premier Southern California High School

Reunion Planning Company"


Do you remember signing yearbooks and slamming lockers shut for the last time? We've grown, we've changed, and there are so many memories to share!


Imagine a festive room filled with familiar faces, high school memories, food, fun and laughter. The Reunion Committee, Inc. (TRC, Inc.) is here to help you plan and organize your high school reunion. We will take you back to recapture a few old memories, get to know a little about someone with whom you've lost touch, laugh with old friends, and talk over old times. 


Each high school reunion is planned with your own unique, personal style. Your reunion committee can have as much or as little involvement in the planning process as you would like.  We plan events from Casual, Tommy Bahama, Hawaiian Theme, to Elegant...