The Reunion Committee did a fantastic job in planning and organizing our 50 year reunion. They are experts at what they do-searching alumni, organizing the event itself that included the DJ, photographers, and the dinner buffet. Our alumni members were very pleased with the turnout and how well the evening event was so will planned. As part of our planning committee, we made the right decision to place the entire planning in their hands. Their personnel staff ensured that the alumni attendees were taken care of during the event. It was a great gathering, thanks to Reunion Committee!!. I would recommend to anyone having a class reunion, that they seriously consider turning over the entire event planning and coordination to Reunion Committee. 



Monico Mallari

Student Representative, John F. Kennedy H.S.  



The Reunion Committee once again did a fantastic job of organizing our 40th High School Reunion.

Everything they promise, they deliver. We have now been working with them for over twenty years.
The Hotel and Ballroom we selected together was perfect, the food selection was delicious and the
DJ played all the music we requested and then some. The entire staff is extremely professional and
really care about making your event a memorable one.


Thank you again to everyone at The Reunion Committee!


Jeff Rector - Taft Class of 1977

President/Festival Director
Burbank International Film Festival


We recently had a 40 year reunion for Grant High School class of 1977. The Reunion Committee, Inc. was so helpful in every way and committed themselves to locating and reaching out to as many classmates as possible. The staff at the reunion was incredible and helped with photos, food and just about everything imaginable. We had over a hundred and sixty classmates that night and you would be hard-pressed to find one that didn't have a great time!

High school reunions come but once every ten years…I highly recommend using The Reunion Committee, Inc. for yours!


Jimmy Friedman, Grant class of 1977 representative




We had an excellent experience with The Reunion Committee!  After many decades of putting these gatherings together on our own, we decided to work with the Reunion Committee for our 50th, to relieve some of the stress, and we were so glad we did.   They found the venue,  set it all up (the room looked lovely!), hired the caterer who provided delicious food, and even took care of the music/d.j.  and the photography!   We had a green reunion, so it was all by email and saved a lot of time and money.  Everyone had a lovely time – can’t wait to see the Memory Album.

Chris Ann Maxwell

Palisades High School, Class of Winter 1967


I want to thank you on behalf of the Beverly Hills High School Class of 1976 for the outstanding job by The Reunion Committee team in guiding and coordinating with our class committee for over a year, from our first call, to the follow up post reunion.  Your team was professional, responsive, and when you made a commitment, you stuck with it, for which we were appreciative.  Your guidance with regard to venue choice, your communication with regard to class attendance and your assistance with matters such as the Angel Fund, all were handled in a way that ensured everyone was always comfortable and (as appropriate) informed.  Also, the discretion with with the Angel Fund was handled generally was outstanding.  The reviews on the reunion were stellar.  Classmates were uniformly enthusiastic--about the venue, the format and the overall experience.  Thank you again for everything!
Also, as a side note, I would be happy to serve as a reference for you in the future, if class chairpersons have questions.  
Best regards,
Amy Natterson Kroll
Beverly Hills 1976



When I volunteered to plan my classes 20th high school reunion l I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Originally, I thought that I would choose a venue, create a Facebook page and make the plans myself. All of that seemed great in theory. When it came time to execute it I quickly learned that it just wasn’t going to be possible. I contacted The Reunion Committee because they had done our 10 year high school reunion. I wasn’t involved with that but that didn’t matter as they had so much information readily available. Each person I spoke with helped me with various phases of the process. A list of venues was provided and we made a choice on that, then the menu, music, etc. followed. The Reunion Committee was very organized. I received updates on RSVP’s and we really worked together to reach as many classmates as we could. Our reunion was a complete success. I’m still receiving messages thanking me for putting this together and I truly need to thank The Reunion Committee for helping me out. 


 Stephanie Kaplanek

El Camino Real 1996




The Hart High Class of ’86 just celebrated a terrific 30th class reunion and once again we choose The Reunion Committee to put on the whole show. Shelli, Katie, Joyce, Rick and their team were great to work with for our first two reunions, and this time was no different. They made helpful suggestions about venues, and led us to the Paseo Club in Santa Clarita, which worked great for us. The Mexican food buffet was a real hit and a perfect match for the casual indoor/outdoor atmosphere we chose this time around. 


TRC took care of all the logistical details which could have been a real hassle, not to mention expense. They were also open to our hiring our own DJ (Richard Blade) and band (Weird Science, fronted by one of our classmates).


This was our first “green reunion.” Thanks to numerous email mailings and postings in our Facebook group, the Reunion Committee was able to reach a large number of our classmates. The Facebook group turned out to be a very effective means of communicating lots of details, especially as the reunion date drew nearer. Surely it helped boost our numbers.


Many of our classmates said this was our best reunion yet. TRC deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the evening's success. We couldn’t have done it without you, and look forward to working together again for our 40th reunion!




Rick Minnich

Hart High Class of 1986 




I was contacted by Rick about assisting in the organization of the 1966 Palisades High 50th reunion.  The 10th and 20th were well attended, but the 30th was sparsely attended, I heard there was one, as email addresses were just emerging. The Reunion Committee team did a terrific job of doing the initial compilation of phone numbers, addresses, and emails from the 1966 yearbook and the commencement program.  Throughout the process they provided support, information, guidance and encouragement.  The event was held at the Marina City Club in a lovely room.  Food turned out fine and the DJ music arranged by TRC really brought back memories.  Several of us brought mementoes after going through old boxes, closets, and scrapbooks to put on display.  TRC staff manned the check-in table which allowed all of the guests to circulate and catch-up.  The evening went so well that I volunteered to do the event again for the 60th in ten years.  Since then I have gotten several emails requesting that we not wait for the 60th and do an event again in five years.

I can’t rave enough about the support provided by TRC staff.  I really appreciated the assistance provided by the office staff.  They were on top of everything, even giving helpful reminders and proddings.  No question was ever silly or disregarded.  I received frequent updates of information and ticket sales. My fears about “chairing” the event quickly disappeared and it turned out to be a lot of fun, only to be topped by the event itself.

Thanks to everyone at TRC!!  It was a huge success!!!

Susie Hirsch Curtis- Palisades High, Class of 1966



The class of Poly High School 1966 just celebrated a super 50th reunion,  with more than 200 classmates in attendance, and we thank The Reunion Committee (TRC) for all their help! They were absolutely instrumental in every detail from the moment our committee was formed in May 2015 to the night of the reunion - October 8, 2016!


We took advantage of the “Green Reunion” option offered by TRC which meant that we  could offer a lower ticket price to our classmates.  It meant a lot of work for us, as our committee had to follow up on a list of nearly 1,000 classmates. (TRC sent out a “Save the Date” postcard initially, and then provided us with a data sheet listing all classmates with the most current addresses.)  Fortunately, we had a committee of 12, so we divided the list, and went to work, calling and writing classmates for the next year. Although it was a lot of work, we think that the personal contact might have been instrumental in convincing more classmates to come!


The best part of working with TRC is that they had a game plan: they offered hotel options in our preferred geographical area, they set up a Facebook account for our class, handled the menu planning, the photographer, the DJ, and they registered all the classmates arriving for the big party.  Best of all, they handled all the money!. 


Initially, we worked with Liz, but Shelli handled the day-to-day questions during the many months before the reunion. She was almost always available, but if she was busy she returned calls in a timely fashion. Katie was also very helpful with our Facebook account, which incidentally was a huge success, and probably contributed greatly to our big turnout. Thank you!


Diane - Poly ’66 Class Representative



To the Reunion Committee:


My thanks to your entire organization for the excellent and professional way you handled our (Morningside ’61) reunion—your 10th time or so managing it for us. Everyone was pleased and happy which is all we could ask for!!


Mike Bell – Morningside 1961



Once again The Reunion Committee did a terrific job managing our reunions.  The 40-year reunion in 2006 was excellent and our 50th this weekend was even better. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved in making the whole thing come together so seamlessly, from locating and inviting classmates to the evening itself. The Marina City Club is an excellent location and the food was genuinely good and plentiful. Our DJ, Johnnie Gee, was responsive to requests and did a great job of capturing the flavor of our era. We look forward to working with you again.

Debbie Mount Osterholt

Santa Monica High School

Class of 1966




I was contacted by Rick last year, about chairing the Granada Hills H.S. Class of 66 committee. I was reluctant at first. I informed Rick I had many things on my plate and wouldn't have time to attend to the many challenges of setting up a 50 year class reunion.  After several emails and discussions, Rick convinced me I was the right person for the job. He assured me the Reunion Committee has been doing this for many years and have all the resources necessary to handle my concerns. I learned they

have this very efficient search engine saving time and energy. They handled contacting people who have changed names, residences, cities, states and  countries.


I attended the class reunion (Class of 65) the year prior and was very impressed with the venue, food, music, bar and service.

The Reunion Community arranged with the hotel, to have a block of rooms at discounted rates for out of town travelers/guests.


Since I was now the chairperson, I was responsible for making certain decisions that could effect the outcome. I felt I was on a positive footing, through the guidance of the Reunion Committee. I believe in K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). I decided to duplicate the class of 65 reunion. It had great reviews, everyone enjoyed themselves. I had such a good time, I didn't want to change anything! Why fix it if it isn't broken.


It  was easy to keep in touch via phone or email with the Reunion Committee and their talented staff. They took care of most everything, making my job a no-brainer.  

I had a fellow classmates to work with, which made my job even easier. I didn't feel I needed to check on many things because I trusted the Reunion Committee's

experience, Having attended several previous reunions over the years, I had a good feeling on how this one would turn out.


All things came together the night of our reunion like pieces of a puzzle. The Reunion Committee took great care making sure everything was on schedule.

The Reunion Committee personnel took care of staffing the reception and sign-in desk, the photographer, D.J. and financial arrangements. 

From our cocktail hour, music (DJ Frank) dancing, photographs to dinner (excellent food), made this night a night to remember.


During the evening I received many compliments  from fellow classmates and guests. That appreciation, shall be directed to the experienced staff  of the Reunion Committee and the talented personnel of the Sheraton Hotel, Agoura Hills. Thank you very much for a job well done. I hope that all future class reunions will be handled by The Reunion Committee. My advice to anyone planning a class reunion, please talk to them first. I know the Reunion Committee can handle your very first 10 year reunion, or senior's, having  there 50th. They'll take good care of you.




Ron La Grassa


Granada Hills Class of 66


Dear TRC Team Members -  What a pleasure it was to work with your on the 50th Reunion for Narbonne's Class of '66. 

We have planned reunions in the past and they have been exhausting and fully consuming for many months prior to the event.  Hiring you was the smartest thing we could have done.  All of your advance planning was amazing and your on-site team met every one of our needs with grace and ease.  

If you have potential groups who may be undecided in their decision to hire you, feel free to pass along my email address.  I would be happy to give you a sterling recommendation. 

Thank you, again, for making it a memorable evening for all of us.


Narbonne '66 Reunion Committee

- Linda Thomson

- Leota Castillo



I think that we have used your company for 3? of our reunions?  I don't remember because

they all went off without a hitch!  The Reunion Committee staff is professional, friendly and helpful. 


Your firm took care of all the gory details, so I could concentrate on outreach - and you even set up our facebook page for me!  

I just had to round up a few doorprizes and show up!  The centerpieces were simple, yet beautiful and I thought the DJ did a

great job with no input from me!  


Your company makes it especially easy for a class that has only one or two reps to pull off a first-class party!


(on a different note, I would like to discuss a different type of event for the 45th.  We have thrown around the idea of a three-class (77-76-75)

BBQ - daytime event in one of the parks or clubhouses.  Maybe we can chat about that, as the class turnout gets smaller and there is less 

drinking and dancing as we get older!)


Thank you for doing such a great job!!!


Tamara Funk

Hart High Class of 1976






The Reunion Committee were extremely easy to work with.  They are a very friendly group and answered any questions I had.  They supplied me and the committee with a comprehensive classmate list.  They followed up with me often and sent updated classmate lists out on a regular basis.


On the night of the reunion, the people that worked were very nice.  Yael always kept me informed with the timing of events and what I should do next.  They took many photos.  Also, the memory board was a nice touch and the flowers on the tables matched our school colors.  The DJ was great too and played all of the music we had suggested.  I would recommend this company for your next reunion!


Thank you!

Renee - Fairfax High 1976




Everyone loved it.  They all loved the food and we all had a great time.  You guys did an excellent job. If I did it again would definitely have you guys work on it again.  Great job well done.


Kathy (Vess) Valvo

Class of 1966

North Torrance High School


“Working with The Reunion Committee was an exceptional experience. Their focus, organization, communications, expertise and staff helped make our reunion a tremendous success”

Bruce D. Benton - GRANT 1976




I want to take this opportunity on behalf of the PVHS class of 66 to express our deep appreciation for

putting on a very memorable 50th high school reunion.    In particular, to Liz and Rick, for your

unwavering support to me on a constant basis for over a year by validating found classmates and

updates on such a frequent basis.  This helped me immeasurably in narrowing the field of classmates

which I could attempt to contact and convince to come to our reunion.   The reunion started on

time, the greeters and photographers were well organized and were very responsive to the needs

of our classmates.   The tables with our red napkin motif symbolic of our class colors was nicely

arranged and the overall meeting location was very nicely located in such a way as to be able

to move between the tables with ease.  The DJ (Frank) was very congenial, attentive to any of

my suggestions,  and played so many classic songs of our era.  The photography was excellent and

I look forward to seeing the results in our memory album.   All and all, a superb  effort on the

part of the staff of reunioncommittee from start to finish.  I recommend this company highly and I trust you will come away with the same positive memories we all did at the conclusion of the evening.



Larry Lace – Palos Verdes  - class of 1966


I just want to let you know that you did a fantastic job on the reunion.

The flowers on the table were perfect, the food was great, and the DJ was terrific.  My reunion was as good as I hoped it would be.  Your company did a terrific job.

Thank you so much!

Linda Saperstein -Grant 1966




October 1, 2016, we had our 50th San Gabriel High School Reunion. The co-chair and I were a bit concerned because we did not begin working on this until May of 2016 and most people said we should have begun a year ahead of time. I have to say that everyone who attended said that it was the best reunion we have had and a big part of that was TRC’s handling of the event. When we had a question, they were right on it with an answer for us. The food was wonderful, they walked us through everything we needed to know and do since this was our first time organizing an event like this.

The night of the reunion TRC people were there to handle any and every problem and made things run very smooth for us. I highly recommend TRC if you are looking towards having a reunion.


Pearl Marie Jackson

San Gabriel High School

Class of 1966



Thank you Shelli and all of the reunion committee.


Please use the following as a testimonial:


The Reunion Committee did a great job for our 45th reunion.   We started late so they were not available to work the evening, however they were very helpful in sending out invitations, giving us suggestions on how to increase our turnout, and keeping us up to date on the signups.   They were always available by phone for questions and we could not have done it without them.  Thanks to Shelli and Liz especially.  

Merrilee & Willie - Santa Monica 1971 - Hub reunion



We recently had our 50th high school reunion and it was a total success.  In fact, many attendees said it was the best reunion they had

ever been to.  I give a tremendous amount of credit for this success to the fantastic staff at The Reunion Committee.


I have been part of the group that organized this reunion as well as several of our prior reunions.  I have dealt with other reunion companies and none have come even close to providing the level of service, assistance, and support that we received from TRC.   These people are simply the best!   On many occasions I would email TRC with questions or information.  The responses I got back were always quick and never failed to address my issues.  TRC was also highly effective in locating many of our “missing” alumni and making sure that as many of the 987 people as possible in our class were contacted and advised of the reunion.   TRC staff was at our reunion from start to finish and handled the check in, photos, DJ, and all the other details necessary to ensure that everything came off without a hitch.  From my personal experience, other reunion companies are not this attentive or detail oriented.

I also want complement TRC on the manner in which they handled the booking of our reunion venue and the great relationship they have with the staff at the venue.  TRC is definitely a professional operation and a class act.

I highly recommend TRC for any reunion.


Neal Rein - University 1966



“A huge thank you to The Reunion Committee for making our 50th high school reunion so amazing.  It was a perfect night and everyone had a wonderful time. It was decided that we should not wait 10 years for the next one.  It felt more like we were one big family celebrating a very special occasion, and it was.” 

Faye Waldman

Valaisan Class of W’66

Alexander Hamilton High School, Los Angeles





The North Hollywood High Class of '66 50th. Reunion Committee all agree that TRC did a wonderful job in searching for classmates, mailing invitations, Facebook posts, and arranging for the hotel accommodations and were quickly responsive to our questions and needs.  All of their work saved us a great deal of effort and worry.  Sona and the staff at the reception were great--so easy to work with, organized and unobtrusively involved.  Frank, our DJ was very likeable, easy going and great to work with.  We highly recommend TRC as a reunion organizer. 


Thanks for everything.

Cheryl - North Hollywood 1966



I cannot imagine trying to arrange a reunion without the help of the Reunion Committee.   With their assistance, arranging our reunion was actually very easy since the RC took care of all of the logistics related to the site visits, hotel arrangements, DJ, photographer, centerpieces, etc.  We coordinated with them on enhancing the decorations they provided and it worked out nicely.  The RC regularly updated us on ticket sales,  questions were answered promptly and issues addressed efficiently.  Tracking down classmates is a difficult task, even when using multiple social media sites, so the research capabilities of the RC came in very handy.  One of the biggest benefits of using the RC is that they take on the financial risk associated with the event.  No one on our committee was looking forward to using their own money to reserve a site or handling ticket sales and revenue collection.  Having arranged conferences for work, I know how much effort it takes and the accounting procedures that need to be in place.  It was worth every penny to have the RC handle these steps.  I was very satisfied with the Reunion Committee and would use them again.


Joe Stitcher -  Sylmar 1976



Dear Reunion Committee Team:


Thank you all for your hard work and patience with the planning and implementation of the Hollywood High School, Class of 1966, 50th Reunion! You all did a fantastic job and thanks to all your hard work and professionalism, our evening was a complete success. I cannot wait to plan more events, perhaps "Decade Reunions" with your team and the HHSAA in the near future!


Susan Silvestri _ Hollywood High 1966

HHSAA President 




First let me say thank you to Shelli, Liz, Katie, Rick and the rest of the staff that made this a huge success.  TRC, the official Reunion Committee did a fantastic job in guiding and preparing us for the best reunion ever.  As committee chair there is no way we’d attempt doing this on our own.  If you want to have a great event, with excellent turnout then do your class a favor and use TRC.  The feedback from our class was overwhelmingly positive, from the terrace rooms with patio, to the buffet food(excellent feedback by the way) to the TRC staff, and Sheraton staff we thank you for helping put on a great weekend event.



Ben Di Iorio - Chatsworth 1976



Dear Shelli and entire staff,


 We had our 50th Reunion this past April 2, 2016 and I must say it was an amazing event. Dealing with the staff was a pleasure. Your company is very professional and was a lot of fun to work with. I have received many letters from classmates raving about how much they enjoyed the whole event. The guys  were on board with compliments and very vocal on how glad they were that they had come to the reunion.  I’d expected the gals to send in notes on this and was pleasantly surprised when the letters came in  from the men. A large number of people would like to repeat this again in five years!! They don’t want to wait another ten to have the next one. I agree with this too :) Our D.J. was great too!! We may be 68  but we love to dance!! Fun was had by all and I and my committee of six want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coordinating an awesome evening for us. 

I would highly recommend TRC to anyone who is interested in having a fantastic, memorable event.


Thank you so much for all that you did for us!

Wini Pottinger Strutt

John Muir High School, Class of 1966

Pasadena, California 


 Dear Rick, Liz,  Shelli and Sona,

We wanted to thank each of you and your staff for your hard work and cooperation in the planning and fruition of our 50 Year Class Reunion.  Everyone was pleasant and helpful and a pleasure to work with.  Sona, we especially appreciate your accommodating us with the room set up for the Reunion and for overseeing the evening.  We can't wait to see all the snapshots that you and your staff so diligently took.  The evening went well and everyone had a good time.  In fact, many of our friends requested that we do the next reunion in 5 years instead of 10.  Given our ages (67-68), we think that is a good idea.  Would you be able to do a 55 Year Reunion for us?


We look forward to working with all of you again in the future.


Dan and Carmie

Sylmar 1966


Rick and TRC team did an amazing job the night of the event. Received nothing but positive comments on the event.
Thanks again, Shelli, from all of us on the Narbonne Reunion Committee. We couldn't have done it without TRC!

Margie McMurray
Narbonne 1965



Thanks once again for the stupendous efforts and contributions your company made towards the success of our 35th.  Even though it wasn’t a “milestone” reunion, we thought it was a great turnout, and everyone had a blast.


Steve McBrayer

Gardena High School Class of 1975



I just wanted to thank you  & the people that helped make our reunion a success, it was a blast. I liked the restaurant, the DJ did a great job, the food was Fantastic.


Iris Cohen Sicher

Canoga Park High School Class of 1980



Please know that the 50th High School Reunion for Beverly Hills Class of 1960 was absolutely perfect. It was the perfection we were told to expect, and GOT..


From the beginning of planning with Rick on your staff last Fall to the end of the evening this past weekend, every element was in line for a successful event.


I want to thank some of those who were involved:


Lisa, who made all of the connections to everyone fluid; the details of the contacts, the extra notices, the quick responses

to concerns, every concern was on a rightaway basis.


Liz and Shelli who made the event move smoothly; all in the manner of making it appear as magic.


The camera people and support staff were all accommodating.  And, Paul the DJ, who managed order and direction.


Thank you all.


Paul T. Owens

Beverly Hills High School Class of 1960



“I would like to commend The Reunion Committee for their professionalism in staging our recent 40 Year high school reunion. Our high school reunion committee selected The Reunion Committee to plan, organize, publicize and stage our reunion. Our goal was to retain a professional reunion company to do all the work necessary in executing a successful high school reunion. In other words, we wanted to delegate all the work required to conduct our reunion to a professional and responsible entity. The Reunion Committee staff was very professional and organized during the almost one year prior to the actual reunion event. For example, telephone calls and emails were responded to in a timely manner on all occasions, approvals were sought for all email and mailings and our key reunion committee members were advised on a regular basis as to reservation numbers.


On the night of the reunion, The Reunion Committee had more than enough employees present to insure that the event was staged perfectly. For example,  guests were processed quickly at the venue’s entrance. Rick Friedman, The Reunion Committee event manager, toured the venue with our key committee members, he introduced us to the DJ, we discussed the evening’s brief program, we reviewed the music to be played and the volume level, the locations for dinner seating and other event details. Throughout the night, Rick contacted our key committee members to insure that music volume levels were satisfactory and inquired as to whether or not we had any concerns that he could address about the event. Rick wanted to insure that we were satisfied.


I can highly recommend The Reunion Committee and Rick Friedman for the professionalism and attention to detail that are necessary to stage a successful reunion. Thank you!”


Irving Chase

Alexander Hamilton High School Class of Summer 1970



“Just got back from business trip. I wanted to thank "all" of you for your help in putting on our 50 year reunion. My classmates loved the accommodations at the Sheraton Universal hotel, the food served was great and the 21st floor ballroom at night had a wonderful view of the valley. Your DJ, Frank did a great job as did your photographer and your staff.  My "shreak" suite was at the very least interesting.

The Sunday morning breakfast was attended by 33 classmates and was a fitting ending to a memorable weekend. I will be sure to recommend your company when

I can.”


Jerry Magel

Leuzinger High School Class of 1960



“The reunion couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you and everyone at the Reunion Committee who helped make the evening so special. The alumni are already talking about our next one!  

Thanks again.


Karin Falletta Carlstedt

Agoura High School Class of 1970



“Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!  We had a wonderful time at our reunion last Saturday.  Your staff is great.  The whole process of organizing this couldn't have been any easier for me.  You will definitely be called for our next one.”


Peggy Crawford Elam

Santa Monica High School Winter Class 1960



“Just another note of “thanx” for the wonderful job you did on our reunion the other night.  I know Jenice mentioned it in her testimonial as well.


Again, thanx so much for all of your efforts and hard work, your company really out did yourselves again.” 


Debbi Rohssler

Birmingham 1969



Our 40th reunion last night was a huge success due in great part to you and your staff. So many of our guests commented on the warm atmosphere and good evening had by all.

Your professional staff greeted us as we entered the banquet room. They were organized and ready to go. It was a class act from beginning to end. Your guidance throughout the evening helped to insure a successful reunion.

Several guests told me they had second thoughts about a 40th, but were very glad they came. They said they immediately felt at ease, ready to greet high school friends and acquaintances because the ambiance of the event was so welcoming.

The final room setup was just right for us.

Again, we thank you for all your help prior to and during the evening. It was perfect! We'll be in touch for our 50th!


Jenice Rozenberg Rosen
Birmingham 1969



We did have a great time and you and your staff did a great job of putting it all together for us.


From our first contact, through the entire planning time, and through  the reunion party itself, the Reunion Committee, Inc was terrific. You were all very professional, informative, and helpful with everything at every step of the way.


At the reunion itself, you let things happen naturally and helped us so well by guiding us through the announcements, introductions, and recognition of class members and always stayed in the background.  In short, it was a great experience and I'd recommend your group to anyone.


Thanks again and let's definitely do it next time!


Mike Seastrom

Reseda 1969



The reunion on Saturday was wonderful! The people you had staffing the event were amazing.  The D.J. was great. And all the details were perfect - centerpieces, name tags, memory board, photographer.  You made me look really good; everyone kept saying, "Great job, Kathy."  There is no way I would have been able to do this without your help.  THANK YOU!


Kathy Bates Nelson
Thousand Oaks 1979



I think our reunion was an absolute success. Everyone had such an amazing time and it was such a memorable night! Thanks for all your help.


Ladan Katouzian

Taft 1999



I want to express my appreciation for all the hard work that The Reunion Committee, Inc. has put into our spectacular reunion.


I’d like to say that our experience was amazing and close to perfect.  Some things like this takes an experienced team and we certainly did get that.  Thank you to everyone I missed in this letter for making our 30+ such an amazing event.  I will not hesitate to refer anyone I know who is planning a reunion to contact your company…the key is to enjoy the evening and because of these people, WE DID!!!


Liz Roth-Beam, Rodger De George, Art Villanueva

Redondo Union High 78/79 Reunion



I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic job on our reunion this year. Everyone had a great time, and you guys really made everything so easy and seamless. I look forward to our next event in 2014!


Btw, please feel free to use my name as a reference or let me know how else I may promote your services.


Thanks again!”


Bruce Yamamoto

Rio Mesa 1989



 I just wanted to let you know that the reunion was soooo much fun, and

your staff did a fantastic job! I can't imagine how anybody could get all

that done by themselves! I felt like I had little magic elves helping me, lol.

They were so nice, and took care of everything so smoothly.


Thanks again for everything!”


Robyn Giordano

Newbury Park 1979

Thank you all SO much for making our 40th class reunion a huge success.  Everyone had a blast!  The DJ, Frank, did a great job playing all of our favorite oldies, and the staff members who were there the night of the reunion were very accommodating. 
In fact, The Reunion Committee staff has been very helpful throughout the entire planning process.


We are already looking forward to our 50th reunion!


Sheila McCarthy Gourley

Santa Clara High School Class of 1969



Thank you for making the 30th Reunion the best we have ever had.  I cannot tell you the feedback was tremendous especially given the fact we had such a short amount of time to pull it off.  I could not have been more proud.  Thanks for your hard work and input. 

Also to your entire staff as everyone could not have been more helpful and patient.  Sorry I wasn’t there to help because I was too busy dancing!


Jeanie Buss

Palisades High School Class of 1979



Thank you again for everything!  Everyone had a great time on Saturday night and also at the picnic at the school the next day.
Can't believe that our 30th reunion is over - time to start planning the 35th


Susanne C. Brody

University High School Class of 1979


I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for all of the support you gave us throughout the planning process for our reunion. I think it was a HUGE success!

Lisa Strauss Holt

Hart High School Class of 1979


Hi guys...thanks for all of your hard work!  Everything turned out great.

Valerie Kless Miller

Hollywood High School Class of 1969



I just wanted to say thank you for the Reunion Committee's hard work putting together our 20 year reunion! Although it was smaller than the 10 year it was still just as fun. Everyone had a great time and there were no problems.

In addition, I wanted to thank you for the complimentary room and parking. All of it was just wonderful.

As always, it was a pleasure working with the Reunion Committee.

Without you guys we wouldn't have had such success.

Jenny Agnew

Antelope Valley High School Class of 1989


I consider our reunion a huge success partly as a result of the "miracle of the Starview Room".  The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful!  We are grateful for the relationship that you have developed with the Sheraton Universal.  I know that these "gifts" are based on relationships and the Samurai benefitted from them! 


Rick was absolutely terrific and "rolled with us" as we envisioned the set up and the program.  I think that your staff enjoyed working with our committee Saturday.  Probably surprised that there were so many volunteers and people in charge of various segments.  We are very well known for our organization skils, creativity, and hospitality.  Please thank them all immensely.  Johnny G was wonderful to us.  I also thank you for helping us to coordinate the evening and for finding many "lost souls".




Lucky Suerdieck Lynch

Van Nuys High School Class of 1959



Our reunion was absolutely amazing!  Everyone had a wonderful time, complimenting the beautiful, festive decorations, the delicious dinner, and the DJ who played all the oldies that we love!


The TRC staff was a delight to work with, accommodating and professional right from the start.  They advised us during the planning process, were successful in locating so many of our classmates, and were a pleasure to work with at the reunion.


Thank you for making our 50-year reunion truly spectacular!


Sharon Hill Bashara

North Hollywood High School Class of 1959



I want to thank you and your team for a wonderful reunion.  I have been receiving nothing but kudos.


Everything was perfect.  Your on-site team was professional and helpful from beginning to end.  The food was delicious--everyone said it was the best banquet food they had ever had (and trust me, this is a critical bunch!).  I appreciate all the time and effort extended on our behalf.


I am happy to be a reference for your company at any time!


Rebecca Weintraub

Fairfax High School, Class of 1969



I wanted to take the time to thank you & your wonderful staff, for making our 30th high school reunion a wonderful event.


From the start, we knew we were in good hands. I had never done anything like this before, so I didn’t have a clue on how to proceed. We were given ideas that were really helpful, and everyone I dealt with was always available for anything we needed.


We had several changes that came up, and the staff was very accommodating and patient.


The night of the event, they showed professionalism & were able to help in any way that was needed.


I would recommend your company to anyone planning their event!


Thank you so much for everything!!


Karen Barr Cormier

Birmingham High School, Class of 1978



“The reunion went off perfectly last night.  Your staff were delightful, knowledgeable, and very competent.  The DJ was fantastic and was easy to work with. 


Thank you for all your help over the past year.  You were very responsive to our many nagging concerns, and we greatly appreciate it.  Please thank everyone in the Reunion Committee team who worked hard to make this reunion a success.


Ryan White

Calabasas High School, Class of 1998



“I just want to thank you and all involved  for all your efforts that lead to a successful event.  Please thank Joanne and the crew that was there Saturday night.  They did a great job.  Mark Anthony the DJ was fun and kept the group involved.  Everyone at the Reunion Committee, Inc. was a pleasure to work with and never too busy to answer my numerous questions.


Hope we can do it again for a 35th!


Cathy Figatner

Royal High School, Class of 1978



“I have been getting a lot of feedback about the reunion and everybody loved it and had a good time.  Many people were upset it ended so early.  Everyone wants a 25 year reunion.  We will keep in touch so we can have a 25 year reunion as well.  I believe the turnout will be the same if not greater.  


I am so happy with the company, I look at myself as a representative for your company that I spoke to later Glendale High classmates and told them to contact your company for their reunions.”


Marc Mendoza

Glendale High School, Class of 1988



“Our 40 year reunion was a huge success.  Your on-site staff was great!

Thanks again for a great event!”


Nancy Sayles Kaneshiro

Grant High School, Class of 1968


“Everything was great!  The DJ did a great job too!”


Joe Yacoubian (Committee member)

Grant High School, Class of 1978


“On the whole it was a wonderful evening and we received many compliments.  It was my impression that everyone enjoyed themselves and came away with really good feelings about the whole thing.  Thank you for your responsive attention to our needs.  You all did a fine job!”


Joanne Kacher Eacrett

Reseda High School, Class of 1958



“We had a great time.  Thanks to you and your staff for a job well done.”


Clay Brownlee

Westchester High School, Class of 1968



“Thanks for the great job you guys did on my reunion.  Everyone had a terrific time and loved the Twist (and the DJ was very good, too).”


Susanna Erdos

John Marshall High School, Class of 1968



“Thank you!  Our reunion was wonderful.  All your work really paid off for us.”


Debbie Daniel (Committee Head)

Cleveland High School, Class of 1968



“Great job on the reunion!  Everyone is raving about it!  Thank you so much!”


Jackie Munn Overland (Committee Member)

Cleveland High School, Class of 1968



“I really want you to know how wonderful our reunion was on Saturday.   Yvonne(event manager) did a wonderful job, she was so helpful and kind.  The room looked great, not over done or too "promy".”


Marni Phillips Hunter

Canyon High School, Class of 1988



“The reunion was great and I think everyone really enjoyed it.  I've had several positive comments.”


Tammy March Bain

Cleveland High School, Classes of 1963 & 1964



“FYI, I received one of your confirming phone calls on Monday evening and talked to the gal.  Then I received another one Tuesday evening from another voice who left the message on my machine.


BTW, both gals sounded great, happy, and friendly.  And the "spiel" is great.  Worded well with lots of identifying info so people can feel comfortable that the call is legitimate and be willing to confirm the info or help on the phone or by going on line to further confirm validity.”


Janice Ziebarth Baker

Santa Barbara High School, Class of 1959



“Just wanted to thank you and your staff for such a great job. 

They handled everything beautifully!”


Phyllis Dinovitz Drapkin

Fairfax High School, Class of 1958



“You guys did everything!!!”


Tina Schwar Meade

Thousand Oaks High School, Class of 1988



“THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!  It was an incredible successful event- everyone was impressed and had a great time.  It was really nice to know we were in good hands.  I was barely even nervous and everything seemed to go off without a hitch.  At the end of the night no one wanted to leave, there is no better evidence of a great event than that.”


Amy Hernandez

John Burroughs High School, Class of 1988



 Wanted to send you a note to thank you for the great job you guys did, we really enjoyed ourselves, everyone had a great time.  The DJ was awesome! Rick and the rest of your staff were very nice and very professional.  We are looking forward to our next Reunion!  Thanks again for everything!



Odalys Ramirez Garcia

Venice High School, Class of 1978



“I really want you to know how wonderful our reunion was on Saturday.   Yvonne did a wonderful job, she was so helpful and kind.  The room looked great, not over done or too "promy". Thanks again.”


Marni Phillips Hunter

Canyon High School, Class of 1988



“Our reunion was this past weekend and we had a blast!!  Thank all at the  Reunion Committee for me!!”


Lauren Shafer

Newbury Park High School, Class of 1978



“I want to thank you and your team for an awesome night.  Everything was super smooth and fun.  And, we were able to jump up turnout at the last minute.”


Kari Filerman

Agoura High School, Class of 1998



“It was awesome.  Thanks for everything!  Again, thank you guys.  It was great! ”


Lynette Peek Thomas

Taft High School, Class of 1978



“The reunion went very well.  We got together with Antelope Valley High School and had a blast.  I saw people from elementary and junior high.  It was crazy.  I got so many compliments it was awesome!  We partied like a rock star!  LOL!”


Terri Lavender

Quartz Hill High School, Class of 1988



“The Reunion was an absolute blast!!!  I got tons of compliments on everything... Great turn out too... ”


Dana Collins Bell

Calabasas High School, Class of 1988



“Thanks to everyone at the reunion committee that helped us out... special thanks to Rick. ”


Kathy Kahn White

Agoura High School, Class of 1978



“Thanks for your help.  It all went well and TRC was very much on top of things.  They answered all our questions, and helped with any situations that arose.  The DJ was good -- played our requests -- and had a lot  of music set up.  We enjoyed the Toluca Lake Tennis club a lot.  It was a very nice location, with a great sitting area outside and a fabulous view.  The food was outstanding. ”


Georgia Jessup

Hoover High School, Class of 1968



“Thanks so much for your hard work on our reunion.  It was a smashing success!  Everything about the night was great and the TRC really handled everything so well.  A big hearty thanks to all the staff that was there making our night a success.


Thank you so much for making a memorable night for so many people.”


Rebecca Hamilton Stephens

Palisades High School, Class of 1978



“TRC did the most awesome job I've ever seen, they made our reunion the best reunion ever.  I hope everyone at TRC gets all the kudos they deserve- Thanks for the most wonderful time!”


Leslie Kaiser

Westchester High School, Class of 1978



“Thank you Shelli and the rest of the staff at the Reunion Committee for a very nice event!!!”


Taira Byrne Mulliken

Hart High School, Class of 1988



“I just wanted to say thanks for all you did.  Joan and your staff was great.  Reggie the DJ was priceless!  The room and decor was very nice and I love my suite.”


Connie Roark Hasler

Kennedy High School, Class of 1978



“Thank you for making our reunion so nice.  I had a great time.  Thank you for all your hard work.”

Ruth Bernardine Madison

Birmingham High School, Class of 1968



"The reunion was great.  We were really pleased with the Airtel -- the room looked good, our centerpieces came out really nice and the food was good too.  Thanks to all of your staff who helped the entire time."


Shelley Haber Bell

Monroe High School, Class of 1968



“Thank you for the wonderful job TRC did at our reunion.  I look forward to working with your fine company again in the future.”



Candy Blakely Bekins

San Gabriel High School, Class of 1967/1968



“Thanks you very much for helping to make our reunion so wonderful and memorable. We look forward to planning our future reunions with The Reunion Committee!”


Savina Cadiente Ciaramella & Jackie Struck Thompson

North Hollywood High School, Class of 1987



“The event was such a success that classmates are already planning another reunion in five years!  Thanks TRC.”


Judy McHugh

Beverly Hills High School, Class of 1957



“Your wonderful (web) site made it possible for us to find each other again after all this time. We couldn’t be happier with how you helped us pull off this successful event…we’re already talking about our 45 year reunion and you can be sure we’ll contact you to organize it for us!”


Linda Blons Knight

Granada Hills High School, Class of 1967



“I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you all did in planning our 20-year reunion. It was so nicely organized and we all had a BLAST!   I will definitely recommend your company for any future reunions.”


Shari Owen Brown

Moorpark High School, Class of 1986/1987



“A job well done!!! Our Committee was very pleased with how TRC did things.”      


Randy Mizer

Hamilton High School, Winter Class of 1957



“You did a fabulous job and we all thank you for the smooth check in, free flowing buffet lines, and all the other little things that nobody noticed. My Kosher folks were very thrilled, the woman who originally needed the chair was thrilled, and I was thrilled!”


Roxanne Stern

North Hollywood High School, Class of 1957



“I can’t thank you and your staff enough for all your hard work that made our reunion a big success. Classmates were coming up to me all night saying how much fun they were having and asking if we could do a 45-year reunion!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”


Debbie Tucker Moorman

Granada Hills High School, Class of 1967



“The reunion was fantastic!  I truly appreciate everything TRC and its staff did to make our reunion a resounding success.”        


Jimmy Friedman

Grant High School, Class of 1977



“Thank you to TRC for making our reunion so special.  Everything was perfect.  The food was great, the room was fantastic, great centerpieces, DJ, etc.  I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know who is planning a reunion.”


Rick Chizever

Beverly Hills High School, Class of 1987



“Thank you for organizing a fun and memorable 10-year high school reunion.  The check-in and photography process was organized, the dinner was good, and the centerpieces on the table were beautiful.  Thank you for working so hard to make it a night to remember!”


Kathryn Becket

Santa Monica High School, Class of 1997


“My heartfelt thanks to TRC  for the countless hours, the countless responses, and the total commitment to detail in making our reunion so memorable.  It was the most satisfying reunion I have been ever involved in.”


Marsha Bergher Wietcha

Westchester High School, Class of 1967



“Thanks to you and your team for a great event…I received so many compliments on everything from dinner, to the DJ, to the location.  People are already looking forward to the next one.”


Bryan Chandler

Burbank High School, Class of 1987



“On behalf of our committee we want to extend to you and your staff our sincere appreciation for all of the dedication, hard work, and professionalism.  Your entire staff is exemplary!”


Penny Kash Wagner

University High School, Class of 1967



“The Memory Book arrived in today’s mail and I’m thrilled with it!  I love the color photographs.  I’m looking forward to working with you again in 2011 for our 50 year reunion!”


Carol Bruce Harlick

Morningside High School, Class of 1960/1961



“We are very appreciative of the hard work that you and your staff put into making our 40-year reunion such a success.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a job well done.”


Laurie Lusch Cooley

Birmingham High School, Class of 1967



“Thank you for all your help with making our reunion so special.  Everyone had so much fun.  It was a memorable occasion that we all will never forget.  People who came from far away told me that they were so glad to come and what a loss it would have been if they’d missed it.”


Lindy Taylor DeBoer-Bourdon

Dos Pueblos High School, Class of 1977



“Many thanks an appreciation for a great reunion party.  We ALL had a wonderful time.  You went all out… buffet, DJ, photos…  Everything was super!”


Lainee Greenberg Ellman

Los Angeles High School, Class of 1957



“Thank you to everyone at TRC who was involved in planning our class reunion and for doing a wonderful job organizing this special event.  It was great!”


Marina Yaymadzhyan

Van Nuys High School, Class of 1996



“I had the pleasure of attending my 50-year reunion last weekend at the Sheraton Universal Hotel.  Your organization did a great job of planning the event.  Thank you.”


Pat Carroll

Canoga Park High School, Class of 1966



“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You did all the work and I got the compliments!!!  Great party…”


Linda Hovis Storli

Granada Hills High School, Class of 1966



“I want to compliment TRC for the great job they did.  There wasn’t one glitch!  It was the perfect evening.  Everything looked great and every detail was attended to.  The personnel in attendance (the night of the reunion) were extremely efficient and very nice, easy to work with, and very accommodating.”


Carmie Sansone Hansen

Sylmar High School, Class of 1966/1967



“Thank you to everyone at TRC for EVERYTHING!  The reunion went really well and everyone seemed to have a really good time.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”


Lacey Weingart Mackey

Agoura High School, Class of 1996



“I’ve been to all my reunions and this was the best one yet!”


Cameron Grade

Hart High School, Class of 1976



“Thank you TRC for all the hard work you did on our reunion.  Everything looked gorgeous and it was a really nice event.  Everyone had a great time!  I appreciate all your research (finding classmates) and guidance.  We really enjoyed being stress free for the evening knowing that TRC had it all under control.”


Natasha Easter Kopp

Verdugo Hills High School, Class of 1986



“It was apparent that you and your staff paid close attention to the various details that we, as reunion representatives, requested, and in doing so, accomplished what all of us had hoped for…a memorable experience.  We are anxious to plan another one in five years.”


Ron Sherman

Polytechnic High School, Class of 1966



“The reunion was wonderful and you guys did an excellent job – so much better than our 20-year!  I was very impressed and will highly recommend you.  Thanks again for your professionalism.”


Shawn Ramage

Birmingham High School, Class of 1976



“Thank you TRC for making our reunion such a success.  The decorations were great, the CD’s were a nice gift to everyone, and the DJ was also wonderful.  The evening was a huge success and I would recommend your company to anyone!”


Kristy Anston

Antelope Valley High School, Class of 1996



“I had such a blast Saturday night.  Everyone had a blast Saturday night!!!  The DJ was awesome!!!  It was so much fun and everything went off without a hitch.  Thanks so much TRC, for everything!”


Jill Kempler Arnold

Polytechnic High School, Class of 1976



“A lot of people asked how Tom and I pulled it off.  Everyone had nothing but good words to say.  Well, all the credit goes to you guys.  I told them that we didn’t have much to do with it and we just looked for the best reunion planners out there and found TRC!  Thanks for a wonderful night.”


Mike Russell

Monroe High School, Class of 1966




“Thank you for an awesome reunion!  We had a great time…better than we could have expected.”


Sue Mitchell Stemke

Granada Hills High School, Class of 1975



“Thank you so much for such a successful reunion party.  We had a BLAST!  Thanks to your efforts, the room looked great and the evening went flawlessly.  We hope to use TRC for the 40-year in 2015!”


Dennis Snyder

Alemany High School, Class of 1975/1976



“Thank you for making our 50-year reunion everything and more of what we hoped it would be.  Thanks too, to your very professional staff in attendance on the night of the reunion.  My compliments to TRC…” 


Del Mancuso

Van Nuys High School, Class of 1955



“Thank you for making our reunion a success!  Everything during the planning process, and that night was handled in an extremely professional way.  I received many compliments that evening and I send those compliments to you!  Thank you again and maybe we’ll be in contact (to plan our 20-year reunion) in ten years!”


Kacie Siegel Keenan

Alemany High School, Class of 1995



“Everyone had the best time!  The food was good, and your staff was amazing…thank you.”


Wendy Moss Klein

Birmingham High School, Class of 1975



“Thanks and appreciation for the outstanding work you all did to make our 40th year reunion a stand out success.  Your individual efforts in planning, researching, and executing our fun reunion mirrored a great military campaign.  You and your dedicated staff pulled out all the stops to make sure we had the best reunion possible.  You even found hundreds of new address contacts that we (our committee) had previously been unable to find.  Great service, great results, great reunion – Thanks from a grateful Palisades Class of 1965!   We recognize Professionals when we see them – and you all are Pros.  Please keep up the outstanding performance and you will maintain your reputation as THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS!”


Tom Betts

Palisades High School, Class of 1965



“You guys rock!  We had a great time at the Sheraton (Universal).  Thanks to everyone who helped out and please tell your entire staff that they were awesome!”


Paris Brunner

North Hollywood High School, Class of 1975



“Working with TRC during this past year was a complete pleasure!  You helped make our 40 year reunion something that all of us will remember forever.  Thank you for being so much fun to work with and for your enthusiasm about our special class of  ’65.”


Robert Lorber

Venice High School, Class of 1965





“Thank you for organizing and executing such a wonderful reunion for us!  We all had such a blast, and I received much wonderfully positive feedback.  It was such a pleasure working with you and the staff at TRC.  You guys rock!  I look forward to working with you again for our 25 year reunion.”


Kim Findl

Kennedy High School, Class of 1985



“We had a super time at our reunion.  The room looked great, the food was good, and everyone had fun.  Thank you for all your efforts in making this happen.  I am glad that everything ran smoothly and we even had an unplanned event with a proposal between two high school sweethearts who were voted “Cutest Couple” in out senior year.  We couldn’t have asked for a better evening!”


Cathy Miller

San Gabriel High School, Class of 1994



“The professional demeanor, helpfulness and most importantly, the friendliness of Denise and her staff was most impressive.  They handled and followed through on the details of finding and contacting the alumni, as well as all the money that needed to be collected.  They returned phone calls promptly and stayed organized and focused.  They gave such dynamic attention to myself and to our school, that it felt as if we were the only school that they were handling, when in fact they were quite busy planning many other reunions as well.  The staff that manned the event were friendly, helpful, and most of all professional.  The reunion ran like clockwork and went off without a hitch.  The decorations and centerpieces received high accolades from all.  Thank you to all who made this such a wonderful experience and successful event.  You are to be commended and will be recommended to others in the future.”


Judee Sickles

Grant High School, Class of 1974



“Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work at the reunion!  We had such a wonderful time and many people came up to tell me what a great time they had!  I am looking forward to the 20-year reunion!”


Shamsi Daneshvari

Palisades High School, Class of 1974



“Thank you so much for all your help with our reunion. It was amazing to see you guys in action and it all came together perfectly in the end.  It was great!”


Sarton Weintraub

Santa Monica High School, Class of 1994